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Coach Steve Mackel is Going Back to the NYC Marathon with ING Class of 2013 – Mid Week Accountability Runs's Monica,'s David,'s Jen and I were selected as hosts of the ING Class of 2013. We were the host of the ING Class of 2012 but because of Hurricane Sandy the race was cancelled. I feel like we get to finish the job we set out to do last year.

What does that mean? Well if you are training for any full marathon or half marathon the rest of this year you are part of the #INGClassof2013. ING has a Facebook page where motivational messages and training tips are posted daily

Remember "Like" us at ING Runner's Nation on Facebook and check out their Twitter feed ING Runner's Nation on Twitter

Well we know that it can be difficult for people training for their race so we had an idea of creating the Mid-Week Accountability Workout.

Here's how it works. Each Monday a workout will be posted on the ING Runner's Nation Facebook Page on and other sites. Your job is to complete the workout by Thursday night then post a picture, data file, video or comment on the ING Runner's Nation Facebook Page or Twitter Feed.

It is meant to keep you accountable and inspire other. Tell your running buddies to join in. Here's the first workout:

midweek workout
Some guidelines for this week’s Accountability Workout:

1) This is not a competition.
2) Be safe - Whenever you increase intensity, you increase the chance for injury.
3) Listen to your body - Every run is unique. Do what is appropriate for you during that particular run.
4) Lighten up and smile while you are running. Enjoy the experience.

Experienced runners going for time goals: You should have a pretty good idea of your "Race Pace." I’m personally working towards 8 min/mile pace. That will be my average pace goal for this one hour run. I’m going to run on some easy hills hopefully replicating miles 18-26 of the ING NYC Marathon course.

Beginner marathoners or runners without race time goals: Run at a pace you can sustain for one hour at a slightly uncomfortable pace. If you walk a lot during your usual training runs, slow down and see if you can run one hour without walking, but remember IT IS ALWAYS OK TO WALK.

When you finish your run, please share with the ING Runner’s Nation by posting a picture of your watch or of you running. You can also post a Garmin or MapMyRun file from your run. If you’re really into it, please share a video! Stay tuned to the ING Runner’s Nation Facebook page to share experiences and inspire each other!

Train Focused, Coach Steve Mackel - #INGClassof2013

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