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Improve Your ChiRunning – It’s (Not) All About the Lean by David Stretanski

Fellow ChiRunning Master Instructor David Stretanski has a great blog that I follow He's a pretty technical guy and likes to break down the ChiRunning concepts into the specific pieces. He also has great diagrams and videos with stick-like figures to help you get the concepts visually.

Here's one article he posted I really liked: It's (Not) All About the Lean. He points out lean is important but where it comes from and how it is accomplished (ankles and relaxation) are the parts that make it happen. Keep in mind you must maintain your postural structure. This is a difficult concept to teach so I thought this article might help.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.54.15 PM

You should check out the rest of his article by using this link:

David Stretanski is based out of Monmouth County NJ, David provides ChiRunning lessons throughout the NJ/PA/NY/CT and the Northeast USA

Lean Focused, Steve Mackel - Master ChiRunning Instructor

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