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7 Daily Habits to Create Real Change in Your Life – by ChiRunning’s Founder Danny Dreyer

This is a running site and and obviously running is a one of my passions. In late 2004, I found the book the "ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless Injury-Free Running" written by Danny Dreyer. After meeting Danny in March of 2005, I went through the ChiRunning Instructor Certification course and was certified later that year. As you might imagine, Danny is a wealth of information on running, but part of ChiRunning is deeper than just running, it's how mindfulness can help your running and life.

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Look to MarathonTraining.TV to share blog posts from Dreyer. I'm sure they'll help you with your running and maybe beyond your running. Dreyer's blog post this week is about starting the new year out on the right foot with his 7 Daily Habits. Check it out:

"7 Daily Habits to Create Real Change in Your Life

  1. Make friends with people that challenge you.

  2. Serve others.

  3. Feel, and express, gratitude often.

  4. Take the time to Body Sense, as often as you can.

  5. Do what you excel at but always work to grow in other areas.

  6. Practice some form of intentional stillness every day.

  7. Always have a goal you're working on (even if it's a daily one!). And have a plan for it.

The best way to instate change in your life is to follow #7: set a goal, have a plan, and by all means follow it."

Read the entire article:

These 7 habits work great when training with a marathon training group, like the Sole Runners. If you have any questions or are interested in ChiRunning lessons, please email: Steve@MarathonTraining.TV

Train Focused, Steve Mackel - Master ChiRunning® Instructor

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