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Race Day Checklist – Sole Runners Pre-Marathon Tips

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Before the race - before the race expo -- Get your stuff together and see what you've got.  Go through all your stuff, check it off the list (use the link above.) Make a list of anything you might need to get before the race. Usually the Race Expo has some good deals, but it may not be worth taking a chance. You can go to your local running store and pick-up anything you need then get the fun stuff at the expo.

In the early hours of the morning before a race starts it is typically cold. It is a good idea is to wear "Throw Away" clothes. I go to a thrift shop and picks up some used sweats for a couple bucks then toss them off out at the starting line once the gun goes off. It's a smart and inexpensive way to stay warm before the race. And the "throw away" clothes are usually picked up and given back to a local thrift shop.

Here's a story so that you can learn from my experience. Every marathon is a memorable event.  But carrying anything for 26.2 miles, much less stuff you don't need, can totally suck. 

At my first marathon I used a hiking waist belt. I called it my Batman Utility Belt. I had Power Bars, camera, cell phone, bandages, gels, money, and in a separate section it had a water bottle holder, to hold one the size that fits on a bike. All that added up to one heavy belt. On top of that it was not a tight fitting belt like the Fuel Belt that I use (and recommend) now and caused chafing.


The moral of the story is "less is more". Virtually all marathons have well-placed water stations. I carry only two water bottles in my fuel belt. I put $40 and a couple gels in the pockets. I'll also have a camera. Beside the camera my belt is pretty light.

Sometimes, when I'm coaching during the race, I'll pack some emergency items in case a runner some help. It is a good thing I grew up in the Boy Scouts because it reminds me of their motto, "Be Prepared" and go light if possible.
In the end, carry what you need, just try not to get carried away. Less is more.
Train Focused, Steve Mackel - Head Coach Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Programs


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