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ChiRunning – Running in the Moment Has Profound Effects

chirunning minfulness"With each stride I take, I ask my body questions like, "What am I doing? How does it feel? What is being required of me right now? Am I holding tension… am I landing softly? How does this hill feel… do I need to drink some water?" All of these questions lead me into body sensing what my body is experiencing, so that if something isn't right, I can respond immediately to correct the situation." -Danny Dreyer


ChiRunning has changed my running and my life. Like my yoga practice it gets me thinking about what I am doing in the "Moment", even when that moment is sitting on the couch.

Danny Dreyer, the founder of ChiRunning, recently wrote a blog post titled. "Running in the Moment." When I read it I thought this is exactly what I focus on when I teach new ChiRunning students. Pay attention to what's going in you and around you while you are running. Then respond to it.

Many people like to zone one out when they run. Try to zone in and listen/feel what is going on in your body. ChiRunning is about focus. And take your running focus into your everyday life.

Read Danny's entire blog post at:

Train Focused,

Steve Mackel - Master ChiRunning Instructor

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