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The Notorious PRP – Sole Runners Pre Marathon Tips

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I tend to save this note until the last weeks of each season.  It is about something that affects all of us, and it can help or hinder your race day performance.  It is the notorious PRP (pre-race poop) or lack of it.

Every runner has a PRP story.  And if you have porta-potty phobia, you have 11 days to get over it or come up with an alternate plan.

Dodger Stadium will have lots and lots of porta-potties. There are always long lines the closer you get to the start of the race.  Everybody copes with this differently. I know some people get in line, go, and get in line again. Some people refuse to use porta potties - not a good idea if you are a marathoner. The lines out on the course can be long, too. You might as well use the ones at Dodger Stadium because your time doesn't start until you cross the starting line.

Race day can become overwhelming quickly and long porta-potty lines don't help. There's always that last minute calling, in one way or another, and, as they say, "timing is everything". You want to be empty when you cross the starting line. It is always funny standing in line watching people bounding around or standing in a funny pose.  It's not so funny when that person is you, but pre-race is better than during the race. Just don't cut it too close.
This is one reason I have been talking about knowing what to eat the night before and how it affects you (the next morning). That's why you always hear me talking about my lucky pork chop. I stay away from too much fiber. Meat usually digests a little slower. I still usually eat some pasta too. In the morning nature's little helper, coffee, can be useful. 
So between now and race day, work on your timing.  Unless you are going for a sub 3:30 and don't want to get stuck behind slower runners, please remember that your official time doesn't start until you cross the starting line.  If you get stuck in a long line, don't sweat it.  Take your time, but leave your newspaper at home.
Remember, the things you practice now will be the things you do during (and before) your race.
Train Focused, Steve Mackel - Head Coach Sole Runners Marathon and Half Marathon Training Programs

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