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Watch Beauty in Motion, The Kenyan Women Marathoners Foot Strike

ChiRunning® Instructor Laura Houston found this video and posted it to her blog For all of you that wonder what your foot should look like when you are ChiRunning® watch Kilel and Cherop. Their toes are down, midfoot stike and high heel kick. Then watch Davila...heel strike, toes up, almost leaning backwards but smooth upper body very little vertical oscillation. Hopefully it helps you think and feel would how your feet to hit the ground?

I also have to say I was cheering for Davila the whole way. I can't say that if she ran more midfoot that she would be faster. I can't even imagine running that fast but watching the Kenyans lower bodies running, in slow motion, is a thing of beauty. It gives me something to work on tomorrow's run and share with the Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon trainees.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel - ChiRunning® Instructor

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