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Mindful Monday with ChiRunning Founder, Danny Dreyer – Listen to Your Body

As a ChiRunning Instructor I run 5 to 7 days a week. For many years now I have been telling people to start "Zoning In, instead of Zoning Out."

I get it, running can put you in a different place, let you escape your problems, or think of solutions. Running gets the endorphins flowing and in a matter of minutes or miles something change, usually for the better.

Some people like to think when they run, Some people like to put on the headphones, crank some of their favorite music and and get away and zone out. I get it.

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But, let's take a few moments to feel whats going on while we run.  Let's take a few moments to focus on just one thing for a while. I almost always take time do this while I run. Not every moment of every run but large chunks of my runs. On your next marathon or half marathon training run take a few moments to focus on what you are feeling. Pick one thing to focus on like how your feet are landing or listen to your breathing. Below Danny Dreyer offers some ideas to help you "Body Sense" as we call it in ChiRunning.

"Here’s your Mindful Monday Challenge for the week: When you’re running or walking, is your energy in your head (thinking, day dreaming, planning etc.) or is it directed towards sensing and feeling your body? There are times for both, even within the same run. Some days it’s great to go out for a run and think about issues you’re trying to resolve. Other days it is important to focus on improving your running technique. But, there should always be some part of every run dedicated to sensing your body and observing how it’s moving; what feels right about it; what could use improving. The more you make the effort to use your mind to observe your body, the more you connect the two; and the greater chances you have of unifying your movement. Take the time this week to momentarily drop out of your thoughts and just sense your body. Listen carefully to what it’s trying to tell you. This is also a good way to listen to people… just reside in your body and allow their words to effect you. Try it both and let us know how it works for you." - Danny Dreyer, Founder of ChiRunning®

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Train Focused, Steve Mackel - Master ChiRunning Instructor

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