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Alignment – A Key to ChiRunning

A lot has happened since I posted last week. Last Saturday I was only 3 miles into my long training run when I tripped, strained my right hamstring and because of that I fell. Runners fall all the time. I have many times before, but usually I pop back up with a bruised ego, a few scrapes and keep going. This time I couldn't get up. My hamstring wouldn't let me. That has lead to recovery and rehab. There is a post upcoming on injuries but ChiRunning's founder, Danny Dreyer posted a great article reminding us of a key concept in ChiRunning, Alignment and I wanted you to know about it.
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In Dreyer's latest post "6 Body Alignment Tips for Efficient Running" he discusses the importance of alignment to your running efficiency.

The ChiRunning posture (alignment) has changed my running. It is a focal point in my thoughts as I run. I feel it allows the impact and energy absorbed associated with that impact, to dissipate through the boney structure rather than finding the weakest link in the kinetic chain, hammering that area, which can often lead repetitive stress injuries.

"Whether you're walking, running or standing, it is important to allow your structure (bones, ligaments and tendons) to support your body and not have your muscles doing this work." -Danny Dreyer

In Dreyer's article he gives 6 tips that you should try to implement into your running practice. Whether you are a ChiRunner or not it will help your running.

Here's an interesting caveat, most people find getting in the proper alignment difficult. It is a main reason so many runners come to me for ChiRunning lessons. Why don't you think about taking a ChiRunning lesson from myself or any of the ChiRunning instrucotrs located throughout the U.S. If you are interested in anything ChiRunning or alignment related to marathons and half marathons, email me at: Email Coach Steve

Here's the link to the entire article:

Train Focused, Steve Mackel - Master ChiRunning Instructor

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