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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales DC

Ultrasound imaging aka Diagnostic Sonography is another tool doctors can use to help correctly diagnose injuries. And, in the case of runners and triathletes our sports doctors and Chiropractors have some difficult jobs diagnosing and keeping us going. I train … Continue reading

Catalina Marathon Race Day Experience Report, Video and Garmin Data by Coach Steve Mackel

The Catalina Marathon is one of my favorite marathons. Why? Because it’s a trail marathon, it’s on a beautiful island, awesome views, challenging terrain, friends, cool people and a weekend experience. It’s not just a race. The video below starts … Continue reading

Vivian Creek Trail to Summit Mt San Gorgonio 8-11-13

I’ve done my share of tough trail runs that turn into hikes at some point and I have done some cool backpacking trips that I wonder just how fast I could have moved if I wasn’t under such a heavy … Continue reading

Race Day Check List for a Smooth Race Day

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Take some of the anxiety out of you race preparations. Use the MarathonTraining.TV’s Race Day Checklist. This video show you how I lay out my clothes and gear. I lay it out like a person, head to toe. Check it … Continue reading

Running Easier – The Clamshell Exercise Helps Balance the Pelvis by Strengthening the Glutes

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Dr. Michael Day of demonstrates the Clamshell exercise to help balance the pelvis by strengthening the glutes. He discusses the importance of properly firing glutes and shows multiple versions of the clamshell exercise from beginning to advanced levels. To … Continue reading