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LA Marathon Race Day Checklist

LA Marathon Runners – take some of the anxiety out of your marathon and half marathon preparations. Use MarathonTraining.TV’s Race Day Checklist. This video shows you how I lay out my clothes and gear. I lay it out like a … Continue reading

Goal Setting Tips for 2015 – The Importance of Writting Down Your Goals

Setting goals for the new year is popular by design. We can start all over if we choose. But if you are like most of us, within weeks you are off your diet, your new workout schedule or back to … Continue reading

Scientists Have Finally Proven What Yoga Lovers Have Known for Centuries – Repost

Erin Brodwin wrote the article below. I really like it so I reposted it. One word of warning, many yoga classes do not have a formal meditation aspect to their class unless you want to count Savasana as meditation. I … Continue reading

Cheseboro Half Marathon Video, Review and Garmin Data by Coach Steve Mackel

The Great Race of Agoura Hills offers different course choices; Cheseboro Half Marathon (7 miles on trails), The Pacific Half Marathon (road course), a 10k, 5k and kiddie k. Last Saturday I ran the Cheseboro Half Marathon for the first … Continue reading

The Body is Just a Vehicile – Something to Think About Before Your Next Marathon or Half Marathon

This is one of my favorite pre-race articles. It was written by Sole Runner co-founder, Coach Gary Smith who has been living and running in China. He is pictured on the left crossing the finish line at the 2001 LA … Continue reading

Improve Your ChiRunning – It’s (Not) All About the Lean by David Stretanski

Fellow ChiRunning Master Instructor David Stretanski has a great blog that I follow He’s a pretty technical guy and likes to break down the ChiRunning concepts into the specific pieces. He also has great diagrams and videos with stick-like … Continue reading

Make Running Uphills Easier With These Tips by Coach Steve Mackel

It’s Race Season. We have full and half marathons coming up and most ot them have hills. Hills can zap the energy out of you because running up hill always requires more energy than running on a flat road. This … Continue reading

Coach Steve Mackel is Going Back to the NYC Marathon with ING Class of 2013 – Mid Week Accountability Runs’s Monica,’s David,’s Jen and I were selected as hosts of the ING Class of 2013. We were the host of the ING Class of 2012 but because of Hurricane Sandy the race was cancelled. I feel like … Continue reading

Snow Valley XTerra Trail Half Marathon / 21k – Race Review by Coach Steve Mackel

The Sole Runners and most of the on-line marathon and half marathon people I am coaching are in the middle of their training programs. Me too and I decided to kick my training up a notch. I wanted to race … Continue reading

Turkey Day Trail Run 15k in Topanga, CA

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Watch Running Coach Steve Mackel run while shooting this video of the Topanga Turkey Trot and try not dd it to your list of must do races in 2012. It is part of the Xterra series produced by Generic Events. … Continue reading