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Catalina Marathon – March 2017 – Video, Review and Interviews

The Catalina Marathon is what I like to call a “Baby Race.” By that I mean, it is why women choose to have another baby after going through all that pain the time before. On the Saturday morning 5 AM … Continue reading

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales DC

Ultrasound imaging aka Diagnostic Sonography is another tool doctors can use to help correctly diagnose injuries. And, in the case of runners and triathletes our sports doctors and Chiropractors have some difficult jobs diagnosing and keeping us going. I train … Continue reading

Catalina Marathon Race Day Experience Report, Video and Garmin Data by Coach Steve Mackel

The Catalina Marathon is one of my favorite marathons. Why? Because it’s a trail marathon, it’s on a beautiful island, awesome views, challenging terrain, friends, cool people and a weekend experience. It’s not just a race. The video below starts … Continue reading

The Notorious PRP – Sole Runners Pre Marathon Tips

Ready to Race I tend to save this note until the last weeks of each season.  It is about something that affects all of us, and it can help or hinder your race day performance.  It is the notorious PRP … Continue reading

Mid-Foot Strike vs Heel-Strike – running with less friction

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Here’s a quick video on the benefits of a mid-foot strike while running vs heel-striking. As a Newton Natural Running and ChiRunning® certified coach, I’ve been mid-foot running for the past seven years and it has made a big difference … Continue reading

Sole Runners Pre-Race Tips – The Body is Just a Vehicle

  This is one of my favorite pre-race articles written by Sole Runner Coach, Gary Smith. Gary is overseas traveling and running in Asia. Enjoy, Coach Steve The Body is Just a Vehicle by Coach Gary Smith According to Eastern … Continue reading

Race Day Checklist – Sole Runners Pre-Marathon Tips

RACE DAY CHECKLIST Printable pdf Click on the Picture Above Before the race – before the race expo — Get your stuff together and see what you’ve got.  Go through all your stuff, check it off the list (use the … Continue reading

Every Race Brings a New Experience – Sole Runners Pre-Marathon Tips

Every Race Brings a New Experience     I remember training for my first marathon. I signed up thinking that 26.2 miles really wasn’t that far. I had done long backpack trips with a pack on. I was in decent … Continue reading

Catalina Marathon – Course Review and Insights

In 2010 I ran the Catalina Marathon to have a good time and give you, the viewer a good idea of the course terrain. I know you can look at an elevation chart but I point out many of the … Continue reading