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Injury Prevention

Alignment – A Key to ChiRunning

A lot has happened since I posted last week. Last Saturday I was only 3 miles into my long training run when I tripped, strained my right hamstring and because of that I fell. Runners fall all the time. I … Continue reading

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales DC

Ultrasound imaging aka Diagnostic Sonography is another tool doctors can use to help correctly diagnose injuries. And, in the case of runners and triathletes our sports doctors and Chiropractors have some difficult jobs diagnosing and keeping us going. I train … Continue reading

Do You Have Active Recovery Weeks in Your Full or Half Marathon Training Program?

What is Active Recovery? Do you have active recovery weeks in your full or half marathon training program? How often do you have them? What do you do during your active recovery weeks? I know this video addresses tapering issues … Continue reading

I Spent the Weekend Learning More About Running with Jay Dicharry, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and Others

What a great weekend. I spent two 10 hour days with Dr Mark Cucuzzella, Jay Dicharry, Ian Adamson, Dr Sean Martin along with a bunch of PTs and a few running coaches. The information was fantastic. Just the info I … Continue reading

Running Easier – The Clamshell Exercise Helps Balance the Pelvis by Strengthening the Glutes

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Dr. Michael Day of demonstrates the Clamshell exercise to help balance the pelvis by strengthening the glutes. He discusses the importance of properly firing glutes and shows multiple versions of the clamshell exercise from beginning to advanced levels. To … Continue reading

Calf and Achilles Tendon Stretches – A Daily Practice Most Runners Need to Implement

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This video was shot a couple years ago and is one of my most important daily practices. As a runner calf and Achilles tendon tightness, and/or injuries are something that effects many of us. In fact, as a Chi Runner, … Continue reading