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Alignment – A Key to ChiRunning

A lot has happened since I posted last week. Last Saturday I was only 3 miles into my long training run when I tripped, strained my right hamstring and because of that I fell. Runners fall all the time. I … Continue reading

Mindful Monday with ChiRunning Founder, Danny Dreyer – Listen to Your Body

As a ChiRunning Instructor I run 5 to 7 days a week. For many years now I have been telling people to start “Zoning In, instead of Zoning Out.” I get it, running can put you in a different place, … Continue reading

Minimalist Shoes – Right or Wrong for You? – Danny Dreyer Examines This Issue

“In fact, my definition of a good running or walking shoe goes something like this: It’s the least amount of shoe you can safely walk or run in, given your current biomechanics, and your longest current distance.” -Danny Dreyer I … Continue reading

Great Video on the Profound Effects of Posture – Another Reason Why I Teach ChiRunning

I stumbled upon this video through Dr. Mercola. If you haven’t heard of Dr. Mercola check out his web site Dr. Mercola is probably considered on the medical fringe but he sends out some interesting information. I hadn’t heard … Continue reading

Let’s Keep This New Year’s Resolution Thing Going – Danny Dreyer’s Thoughts on Creating Real Change

Most of you know I am a ChiRunning® Instructor. I’ve been one since 2005. I love the ChiRunning® form, concept and teaching it to others. Danny Dreyer, the founder of ChiRunning® has a blog that is always worth checking out. Hopefully … Continue reading

Watch Beauty in Motion, The Kenyan Women Marathoners Foot Strike

ChiRunning® Instructor Laura Houston found this video and posted it to her blog For all of you that wonder what your foot should look like when you are ChiRunning® watch Kilel and Cherop. Their toes are down, midfoot stike … Continue reading